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Boxing Results

Results from Saskatchewan 2018 Provincials
Host: Lonsdale Boxing Club, December 2, 2017
Jaxon Williams, Vic-Tory and Carlos Villamil, New Line-Fun Box
40Kg Praxton Maier, Turtle River defeated Luke Kalmakoff, Thomas Settee
63Kg Koby Shorter, Lloydminster defeated Wayne Ducharme, Weyburn
57Kg Tessa Acoose defeated Jessica Caverly, Lloydminster (make up bout)
81Kg Emile Smith, Lloydminster defeated Andy Chung, Regina
91+Kg Jesse Bilinski, Jaguar defeated Jesse Mahaffey, Weyburn
91+Kg Dustin Auseth, Vic-Tory defeated Adam Toto, Lonsdale


Results from Kiss the Canvas November 17, 2017
Host: Lonsdale Boxing Club, Regina, Sask.
Coralee Reed, Lonsdale defeated Sharlene Bukurak, Lonsdale.
91+Kg  Adam Toto, Lonsdale defeated Dakota McFayden, Vic-Tory
34Kg    Jack Senga, Lonsdale vs Evan Fuessel, Lonsdale- Fun Box
Amber Howat, Lonsdale defeated Mandy Horvath, Lonsdale
91+ Jaime Kreinke, Lonsdale defeated Mitch Smith, Lonsdale.
Sharon Walker, Lonsdale defeated Kim Fraser, Lonsdale.

Results from The Fall Brawl September 23, 2017
Host: Vic-Tory Boxing Club
28Kg Sydney Collinge Lloydminster vs Abigail Blohm Sandhills- Challenge Match
36Kg Mohammed Faison-Farooq Lloydminster vs Jaxson Williams Vic-Tory-Challenge Match
54Kg Quasim Mirza, Jaguar defeated Riley Hnatiu, North Battleford
91+Kg Dustin Auseth, Vic-Tory vs Nick Habscheid, Vic-Tory-Exhibition
81Kg Emile Smith, Lloydminster vs Jesse Kitchen, Vic-Tory- Sparring
91+ Adam Toto, Lonsdale defeated Dakota McFadyen Vic-Tory

Results from May 12, 2017 Battle of the Prairies XIII
Host Lonsdale Boxing Club

30Kg Gavin Heise, Lloydminster vs Evan Fuessel, Lonsdale-Initiation Match
81Kg Tim Den Hollander, Medicine Hat defeated Emile Smith, Lloydminster
91+Kg Josiah Garrett, Brandon defeated Jess Mahaffey, Weyburn Soo Line
69Kg Emily Hein, Black and Blue defeated Haley Martell, Lonsdale
91Kg Myles Raposo defeated Aaron Howard, Lloydminster
60Kg Maxon Dowsett, Peak Performance defeated Fred Butron, Grizzly Cage
81Kg Val Vanchuliak, Black and Blue defeated Brad Davis, Grizzly Cage
75Kg Rob Umbach, Lonsdale defeated Josh Hynes, Medicine Hat

Results from the May 6, 2017 Boxing Card
Hosted by Luc’s Gym Saskatoon
28Kg Logan MacKinnon, Red Deer vs Aryn Ahenekew, Coyote-Challenge Match
43Kg Idris Mirza, Jaguar vs Elmer Villebrun, Coyote-Challenge Match
39Kg Like Kalmikoff, Thomas Settee vs Aiden Parker, Regina-Challenge Match
39Kg Jacob Boomer, Red Deer vs Praxton Maier, Turtle River-Challenge Match
37Kg Jace Derocher, Flying Dust vs Marcus Leung, Red Deer-Challenge Match
47Kg Ethan Stronach, Regina defeated Tyler Wilson, Luc’s
49Kg Quasim Mirza, Jaguar defeated Hanson Moccasin, Coyote
81Kg Vaughn Fauth, Turtle River defeated Paul Mason, Luc’s
91+Kg Dustin Auseth, Victory defeated Evan Sproxton, Top Dog
55Kg Jesse Moccasin, Coyote defeated Cael Derocher, Flying Dust
69Kg Matt Doerksen, Victory defeated Preston Lachance, Top Dog
75Kg Isaiah Severight, New Line defeated Curtis Metivier, Luc”s

Results from the April 1, 2017 Battle for the Belt in Regina
Hosted by the Jaguar Boxing Club
30Kg Gavin Heise, Lloydminster vs Jaden Gordon, Sunshine-Challenge Match
91Kg Emile Smith, Lloydminster vs Jess Belinski, Jaguar-Exhibition
75Kg Holden McDonald, Luc’s defeated Clarence Bear, Black and Blue
45Kg Ethan Stronach, Regina defeated Preston Cormier, Vic-Tory
64Kg Izer Zeid, Power defeated Caleb Routledge, New Line
69Kg Mohammed Makhloat defeated Conner Klyne RBC
69Kg Hailey Martel, Lonsdale defeated Emily Hein Black and Blue
60Kg Koby Shorter defeated Damon Keshane, Jaguar
40Kg Elmer Villebrun, Coyote defeated Idris Mirza, Jaguar
63Kg Nathan Bell, Power defeated Thomas Gordon, Sunshine
69Kg Karan Safie, Luc’s defeated Lyndon Lumb, RBC
69Kg Vannen Vadivelu, Power defeated Herve Ndabaneze, Luc”s

Results from the Feb 11, 2017 Boxing Card held in Leader
Hosted by the Sandhills Boxing Club
40kg Idris Mirza, Jaguar vs Gavin Kinniburgh, Bam Bam-Challenge Match
40kg Elmer Villebrun, Coyote vs Deegan Benson, Diamond Back- Challenge Match
34kg Carlos Villamil, New Line vs Jace Derocher, Kopahawakenum-Challenge Match
40kg Sebastian Acoose, Regina defeated Jeremiah Warnke, Medicine Hat
50kg Quasim Mirza, Jaguar defeated Cael Derocher, Kopahwakenum
69kg Herve Ndabaneze, Luc’s defeated Lance Kusiak, Medicine Hat
75kg Holden McDonald, Luc’s defeated Justin Dayton, Sandhills
66kg Quad Smith, Diamon Back defeated Caleb Routledge, New Line
64kg Preston Lachance, Top Dog defeated Ira Geres-Cood, Hub City
Nick Habscheid, Vic-Tory defeated Val Vanchuliak, Black and Blue

Results from the December 3, 2016 Boxing Card held in Regina
Hosted by the Jaguar and New Line Boxing Clubs.
41Kg Idris Mirza, Lonsdale vs Elmer Villebrun, Luc’s -Challenge Match
34Kg Jace Derochers, Kopahawakenum vs Carlos Villamil, New Line-Challenge Match
50Kg Idris Mirza, Lonsdale defeated Cael Derochers, Kopahawakenum
60Kg Robert Moser, New Line defeated Preston Lachance, Top Dog
75Kg Daniel Kobsar, Black and Blue defeated Paul Mason, Luc’s
69Kg Kiram Safi, Luc’s defeated Tarin Carr, Jaguar
81Kg Isaiah Severight, New Line defeated Adam Fransoo, Turtle River

Results from the Oct 22, 2016 Boxing Card held in Fort Qu’Appelle
Hosted by Sunshine Boxing Club-Pasqua Division
44Kg Cole Brander, Marshall defeated Aden Mohammed, Alliance
38Kg Camden Witherspoon, United defeated Wyatt Hanson, Billings
32Kg Sam Hale, Minot defeated Fawad Miakail, Alliance
48Kg Samy Amani, Cougar defeated Grace Kennedy, Minot
69Kg Paul Riggs, Brandon defeated Tanner Sarchuk, Marshall
52Kg Moroni Hale, Minot defeated Yazen Abosaleh, United
60Kg Carlito Santoro, Santoro defeated Max Dowsett, Peak
57Kg Tess Feldbush, Lethbridge defeated Cora Lockert, Regina
69Kg Josh Peek, Lethbridge defeated Ocean Desnomie, Pasqua
80+Kg Brendan Clark, Billings defeated Quinn Neald, New Line
60Kg Gabriel Bastida, Cougar defeated Kyle Oliver, Lethbridge
60Kg Nelly Taylor, Cougar defeated Robert Moser, New Line
60Kg Matt Strand, Peaks defeated Abe Dyck, Sandhills
69Kg Jannick Lacroix, Medicine Hat defeated Thomas Gordon, Pasqua
75Kg Jaxon Duff, Lethbridge defeated Josh Hynes, Medicine Hat




Results from the 2016 Saskatchewan Provincial Championships
Regina Boxing Club, Regina Sask June 4, 2016.

Sparring Sessions
Luke Kalmakoff and Jace Derocher
Avery Henry and Cael Derocher
Cohen Howes and Jacob Banick

38Kg Preston Cormier, Vic-Tory defeated Kyan Swan, Grasslands
54Kg Robert Moser, Newline defeated Will Skopyk, Thomas Settee
38Kg Caleb Morin, Kopahawakenum defeated Ty Andreas, Vic-Tory
52Kg Passion Severight, Newline defeated Pilar Acoose, Regina
75Kg Curtis Metivier, Luc’s Gym defeated Issaiah Severight, Black and Blue
69Kg Holden McDonald, Luc’s Gym defeated Jackson Saw, Luc’s Gym
75Kg Nathan Metivier, Luc’s Gym defeated Aidan Katz, Regina Boxing Club
69Kg Herve Ndabaneze, Luc’s Gym defeated Daniel Kobsar, Black and Blue




Results from the March 19, 2016 Boxing Card
Jaguar Boxing Club, Regina, Sask.

63Kg Jannick Lacroix, Grasslands defeated Dorian Copeman, Black and Blue
69Kg Daniel Kobsar, Black and Blue defeated Lance Kusiak, Medicine Hat
69Kg Tarin Carr, Jaguar defeated David Charles, Weyburn Soo Line
69Kg Devon Little, Medicine Hat defeated Herve Ndabaneze, Hub City
75Kg Daniel DeMontarnal, Turtle River defeated Paul Mason, Luc’s Gym

Results of January 30, 2016  Novice Boxing Card
Regina Boxing Club, Regina, Sask.

Sparring Sessions
Corbyn Thompson and Kyler Arnold
Keesan Swan and Cohen Howes
Will Skopyk and Robert Moser
Kyan Swan and Jaxon Burns
Cameron Wolfe and Ethan Lynas
Jacob Bannick and Avery Henry
Adam Ganert and Aiden Katz

52Kg Passion Severight, New Line defeated Pilar Acoose, Regina
64Kg Isabelle Bacconais, Hub City defeated Mackenzie Srochenski-Fyfe, Regina
73Kg Sebastian Nemeth, Regina defeated Paul Mason, Luc’s Gym
70Kg Nathan Metivier, Luc’s Gym defeated Daniel Kobsar, Black and Blue
91+Kg Valentya Vanchuliak, Black and Blue defeated Berk Jodin, Sandhills